Who I Am and What I Stand For

First Why.......


I'm often accused of having unrealistic expectations for those I'm attempting to communicate with, specifically with their understanding some key point of context necessary to understand the intended message. "We're not in your brain!!" and "Context!?!?" are often lobbed in my direction from frustrated co-workers. I was compelled to put together something that addressed this issue, as I have no intention of changing my behavior. The content found in the WIA-WISF section ensures readers have a resource at their disposal to reference when needed. For lack of a less corporate "dickish" phrase, the WIA-WISF content is dynamic and considered a 'Living Document' (typing that makes me want to rip up a pair of corporate-dick khaki slacks), because few of the characteristics which define who I am or what I stand for, are anywhere near static.

This is where my phat pad is. Not exactly where it is, because I have this issue with hot chicks constantly knocking on the door and pestering me if I 'put that shit out there'. It's pretty tough, but it's my cross to bare.... That's my cross to bare...


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