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9 Core Tenets of Life

I don't believe the bible is anything much more than a (more) modern version of Homer's Odyssey. If you take issue with that statement, that's fine, I don't care. I'm not passing judgement on you, and as you'll see, I am cognizant of the possibility that I could be dead wrong, and you could be dead right.

That said, who amongst us doesn't need some sort of guidance in life, to provide answers to those key life questions as we journey along our life's path? No one, you narcissistic fuck, not even you! Based on the sum of my life's experiences, I have developed a total of nine guiding principles to assist me in this way.

To claim that these principles, what I have designated my "9 Core Tenets of Life", were instrumental in every success I've had, would be a an understatement of extreme magnitude. In fact, I've had to deal with the fallout of failures in almost every instance I foolishly ignored them. They are, for lack of a better term, my own personal set of Commandments, the biggest difference being I don't go to some made-up scary place if I ignore them.

I'm going to list them here, and then for the sake of brevity will explain each in detail in a separate blog post. Before I do that, however, I must stress an important caveat. Most of the world's issues (I believe) are at least in some way caused or exacerbated by a person or group unwilling to concede that no rule, commanded by any one person or imaginary friend in the clouds, is to be followed 100% of the time.

NOTHING in this world is black or white!

EVERYTHING in this world is some varying shade of gray.

As with all things, each of these tenets MUST be applied with a healthy dose of critical thinking based scrutiny. If you are not familiar with this term "Critical Thinking", I invite you "Google" it. If you don't see the value of applying Critical Thinking to anything and everything, you should probably leave and never come back. That said, here we go:

Pete's 9 Core Tenets

1. If you're not having fun, you're wrong - You're going to be wrong sometimes, can't always have fun.

2. Find out what kills you and back off one notch - I've been told that this is flawed because I will die before I pull back. I disagree, it doesn't say DO what kills you, it says find out and don't go there. This applies to everything and ensures I don't leave any possible fun and enjoyment on the table.

3. Never ask permission and only beg forgiveness when absolutely necessary - If you shake your head in disapproval with this one, hear me out. This one demands a tremendous amount of common sense, and it's not carte blanche to be a fool. It boils down to being comfortable making tactical decisions and trusting your own judgement. Understanding that you will periodically fail and being comfortable with that possibility. Learn from it.

4. Never be afraid to piss someone off - This does not mean "intentionally piss people off". You're going to piss people off, avoid it if possible, but don't sacrifice the mission for the sake of fearing it. Tenet 3 & 4 are often intertwined and occur regularly for me. You saw it when I moved that computer. Molly and Rachel saw it ALL the time.

5. Have your cake and eat it too - This essentially speaks to my refusal to deny myself enjoyment for the sake of other people's opinions or "morals". If something is available and I don't indulge because other people object, I'm not being true to and only hurting myself.  This one obviously requires a healthy dose of common sense.

6. Never half-measure anything for the sake of laziness - Yes, there are valid reasons to half-measure efforts, but everything else is maximum effort.

7. Avoid all external sources of toxic/negative energy. - A more recent addition to address my penchant to internalize the negative attitudes of or treatment from people I hold affection for. It takes practice, but actually works.

8. Avoid spending energy or attention on issues or matters which fall outside one's zone of influence. - This prevents me from stressing about things like Congress or presidential elections.

9. Do NOT offer advice unless it had been explicitly requested. - This is the most recently added, and was told to me by an old buddy. His explanation, that to do so makes you essentially a bitch, especially to those who reject it, applied to many aspects of my life.

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