ll is This Shit??

What in the He

​​I'm a Simple Man, Here's an Easy Breakdown

Whilst Not Without It's Exceptions, My BS Will Usually Fall Into One or More of the Categories Below

4 Categories of Interests

Aerospace Dork

From consumer quadcopters to black-hole theory, & everything in between, total dork. I have a a unique set of experiences in a broad expanse of the industry, so I can't really help but talk about it. This topic crosses the lines of almost all the other broad topics in one way or another.


I have strong opinions spanning the entire spectrum of US politics. If you disagree with me, I want to hear how you percieve the world to better understand your ideas. I will never try to sway your opinions or beliefs. There are times, however I may sound critical of you, so..my bad.

National Security

I also have a significant depth of and recent direct experience within the US National Security apparatus. There is nothing that comes even close to the level of respect I have for those in this field, and will not violate the trust of that  community, ever. However, I will have a lot to say about key events.

Core Doctrine

This is a bit of a catch-all, but really speaks to my core values, and will alway provide an undertone to everything I do. This doctrine was developed incrementally throughout my life, is not perfect, works for me with n expectation of it working for others, and is the sum of my life's experiences

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